Alcohol, Cognitions and Experiences Study (ACE)

Principal Investigator: Sarah Pedersen, PhD.

Funding Source: NIAAA

Research has shown that there are important individual differences in how alcohol can affect people’s physiological arousal, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  The ACE study examined how alcohol impacts how people feel and behave.  In addition to laboratory-based alcohol administration sessions, this study also included a 10-day assessment of experiences in the natural environment.  One of the main goals of this study was to examine health disparities in alcohol use problems between Black and White drinkers.  Additionally, we were interested in understanding how responses in a laboratory setting were related to real-world behaviors.

The ACE Study was conducted between 2012 and 2017, and is no longer recruiting new participants.

If you are currently enrolled in the study and have any questions or need to complete your final questionnaire, contact Sarah White at (412) 246-5662.


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