YFRP at the 18th Annual Department of Psychiatry Research Day


The University of Pittsburgh Department of Psychiatry's 18th Annual Research Day was held on Thursday, June 7, 2018.

8 posters were presented by YFRP staff members, covering a broad range of research interests:

  • Montaya Dawkins, BA "Approached to sell or share your meds? College students with ADHD and substance-tolerant social environments"
  • Rose Egan, BM "Stimulant medication shortcomings? Social functioning in stimulant-medicated teens in pediatric primary care"
  • Traci Kennedy, PhD "Does monitoring ADHD symptoms improve them? A smartphone-based ecological momentary assessment (EMA) study of adolescents with ADHD"
  • Rachel Lindstrom, PhD "Are self-reported ADHD symptoms different from collateral informant-reported ADHD symptoms in adulthood?"
  • Jenna Pelly, BA "Sex differences in levels of risky behaviors and associated characteristics among teens with ADHD treated in a pediatric practice"
  • Frances Wang, PhD "The family check up prevents co-occuring problem behaviors in adolescence by improving maternal depression and parental positive behavior support in childhood"
  • Sarah White, MA "Sleep and ADHD in adolescents: An ecological momentary assessment study"
  • Michelle Wilson, BS "Emotional functioning and impairment in adults with childhood ADHD"

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Sarah White, MA, and Carol Walker Hundiak won awards for their outstanding contributions to research.  Congratulations to all YFRP members who contributed to Research Day!