Jason Duin, MA

  • Senior Research Associate

Jason is a Senior Research Associate for our research lab.  He currently works on the multi-site ADHDenic study, which is a clinical trial investigating the impact of low nicotine cigarettes on smokers with ADHD.  He started out working on the PALS Study, which he has been with for nearly 20 years.  He was involved with scheduling and interviewing these participants.  Since many of these interviews were done yearly, many of the participants knew him by name.

Jason enjoys spending his free time bowling, traveling, occasionally binge watching a Netflix or Amazon series, and going to the theater in Pittsburgh.

Current Research Projects

Past Research Projects

  • Health and Wellness Study
  • MTA Study
  • LEAP Study
  • GEM Study
  • SMYL Study

Education & Training

  • Geneva College, BS, Psychology
  • Geneva College, MA, Psychology